Sunday Feb 17 &
Monday Feb 18 8pm/7c

Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

51. Georgie Girl - Wiggle Butt Category

Name: Georgie Girl
Category: Wiggle Butt
Adopted from: Maltese Rescue California

About Georgie Girl: Georgie Girl is the sweetest dog. She is always happy to meet new people…and you can tell by her wiggle butt! She will greet all of the new rescues that come through her home with a big smile. If they want to play, she plays; if they want to cuddle, she cuddles. Once homeless on the streets, she now loves to be cuddled and watch TV with her family.

Favorite Toy: Her favorite toy is the snowman from Frozen...she throws it into the air and turns around in circles.

Favorite Treat: Blueberries, and she chews them very fast. She can’t wait! Georgie girl gets on her hind legs as my grandson feeds her…and he giggles.

Favorite Activity: Georgie loves to sit in a basket, which is attached to my grandson’s bicycle. Georgie loves kids.

Loves: Loves to snuggle and sleep in bed with me. She loves to be cuddled and hugged.

Fun fact: As I foster for Maltese rescue, we foster a lot of dogs. Georgie Girl meets all the rescue dogs first, plays with them, and is the ambassador to the Maltese rescue.

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