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Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

50. Betty - Wiggle Butt Category

Name: Betty
Category: Wiggle Butt
Adopted from: Dream Team Angels Rescue

About Betty: Betty has the best butt wiggle on the market and greets her parents with so much enthusiasm when they come home after a long day. She loves cuddling and when you show her any attention. Betty also amazingly is bilingual, since she understands Spanish and English.

Favorite Toy: Betty does NOT play with toys, she LOVES playing with other dogs, cats and people. She has never shown interest in toys and we HAVE tried! She will occasionally bite on a sock on the floor as part of her play behavior, picking it up and throwing it as part of the game with me or her dad. She will never grab a toy on her own. She does love treats and chews and when she knows she’s had enough will try to bury them in her bed or bedding and save it for later!

Favorite Treat: Betty is a professional whiner. She will cry every morning before breakfast -- she is very impatient until she has the food bowl right in front of her. Then she needs someone to sit by her while she eats. She has also learned that if she wants a treat it is almost never FREE and she will sit immediately or try to give you a high five to get her reward. She is a slow chewer and she is very gentle when getting a treat from you.

Favorite Activity: Betty LOVES going to the park, and she loves being chased and playing “kind-wrestle” with her doggy friends. Betty likes all dogs, big and small. We have also learned that she LOVES sun bathing. She will stop in the middle of a walk if it’s sunny enough and lay on the ground while giving you this cute look. You can clearly tell she is enjoying the moment.

Loves: Betty LOVES being with people, especially children. Her favorite place is sitting between my husband and I while we are sitting on the couch or watching a movie. She loves butt scratches and rubs ANYWHERE! She is not picky about the area, just as long and she is getting some love.

Fun fact: Betty will wiggle her head when she is really happy/excited about something; she seems to be enjoying Metal music while she does it!

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