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Monday Feb 18 8pm/7c

Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

49. Bella - Wiggle Butt Category

Name: Bella
Category: Wiggle Butt
Adopted from: Humane Society of Ventura County

About Bella: After Bella was adopted, her wiggle was so constant that it was tough to even pet her. She loves when you tell her she's a good girl. She gets her best wiggle going when she receives praise. When she is not happily greeting people by wiggling, and wiggling some more, her favorite thing is hanging out on the bed for family time.

Favorite Toy: Bella's favorite toy is her baby brother. Once we adopted Scully, a 4 month old puppy, she let him jump all over her and bite her ears. She plays and wrestles with him for hours!

Favorite Treat: Bella loves olive oil! She grew up with the oil being placed on the top of her dry dog food. She waits patiently for us to put it on.

Favorite Activity: She's a swimmer! She even taught her baby brother to swim. She doesn't just swim in any direction; she herds the other dogs as they are swimming too!

Loves: Bella loves when you tell her she's a good girl. We say, "Bella's a good girl?" And then we pretend she says, "I'm best girl. My name is Best girl Bella."

Fun fact: She is 9 years old and as playful as her 1 year old brother!

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