Monday February 17 8:00pm / 7:00c

Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

48. Bang Bang - Wiggle Butt Category

Name: Bang Bang
Category: Wiggle Butt
Adopted from: Social Tees Animal Rescue Foundation

About Bang Bang: Bang Bang is the ultimate smiler, 6 pounds of pure giggles. And that doesn’t even cover his amazing wiggle butt. Bang Bang was rescued from an abandoned property alongside another dog, where he lived with pigeons in a coop. He was rescued, nursed back to health, and is now enjoying bicoastal living. He lives with his two senior doggy siblings, Emma and Mokee. He is a purebred party toy poodle and he loves his family!

Favorite Toy: N/A

Favorite Treat: Bang loves ice cream, to the point where he will growl if you get near him, and he never does that.

Favorite Activity: He LOVES to roll around in other species’ poop.

Loves: N/A

Fun fact: He is so happy that he literally wiggles his whole rear.

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