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Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

47. Joe - Underbite Category

Name: Joe
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: San Bernardino Animal Control

About Joe: Joe came into Michael's life after he was in a bad cycling accident. At the shelter, they bonded instantly! Together they go on daily hikes and Joe has helped Mike recover from his accident. Joe likes leading the way and making sure Mike’s safe on the trail. Mike calls him “the trail boss”. The couch is Joe’s favorite place to hang out and he loves getting belly rubs!

Favorite Toy: Joe’s favorite toy is a bone filled with peanut butter. He licks all the peanut butter then puts the bone between his paws and uses his power jaws to chew and file his teeth. He also really likes plush squeaky toys but destroys them in ten minutes.

Favorite Treat: Joe sits in the kitchen watching me fill the bone with peanut butter. He drools as I’m preparing it. He’s a power chewer for sure.

Favorite Activity: Joe loves pretty much all water except for baths. We lived in San Diego for two years, so lots of beach time where he loved chasing other dogs and stealing their toys. We hike A LOT. He likes leading the way and making sure I’m safe on the trail.

Loves: Belly rubs, butt rubs, snuggling and car rides.

Fun fact: He’d rather cuddle on someone than lay by himself.

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