Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

46. Jesse - Underbite Category

Name: Jesse
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: Little Red Dog Rescue

About Jesse: Jesse is the most energetic, cuddly, and loving dog around. People are always stopping to say hello to Jesse and compliment her on her amazing underbite. Jesse LOVES people and other dogs. People always stop and ask, “What kind of dog is she?” The answer: “She is pure love."

Favorite Toy: Jesse’s favorite toys include a rope chew toy and any ball!

Favorite Treat: Jesse loves bully sticks. She has a favorite spot in our kids’ playroom where she takes them and eats them. She goes through each one pretty quickly!

Favorite Activity: Jesse loves going on her daily walks. She also loves traveling with us! She’s been to Yosemite and she loves the snow! Jesse is happiest when she is with us. She loves car rides and loves meeting new people during her adventures!

Loves: Jesse loves sleeping on the couch, sleeping on our beds with us, going on road trips, and playing with her best friend Esther.

Fun fact: Jesse is a talker! She expresses excitement, boredom, hunger, and needing attention with a variety of whimpers, barks, and howls. We joke and say she’s our neediest child. We love her random bursts of energy we call her “Rocket Run.” She zooms all over the house as fast as her little legs will carry her.

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