Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

45. Frankie - Underbite Category

Name: Frankie
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: Social Tees Animal Rescue Foundation

About Frankie: Frankie is a very unique looking and acting dog who loves life. She came all the way from Tennessee to New York City to find her forever home. Frankie is quite the accomplished traveler. She had a big adventure last year when she flew to Toulouse, France. On their travels, Felicity discovered that Frankie loves to meet new people and give them kisses… especially when they compliment her on how beautiful she is!

Favorite Toy: She tends to destroy any toy put in from of her in about 10 minutes, totally eviscerating it, pulling out any squeakers and all the stuffing. Any stuffed toy with squeakers in it is her top fave.

Favorite Treat: Frankie loves a Kong or other stuffable treat filled with ham and cream cheese. Her favorite holiday is also Thanksgiving, because she loves turkey.

Favorite Activity: Frankie loves to snuggle. She is a lap dog and wants to be by you and next to you at all times. She most calm and content when laying on the couch against you, or by your feet. She loves to curl up in laps too and doze for as long as you'll let her.

· doing tricks for treats (fist bump, spin around, sit pretty, etc)
· Tummy rubs
· She has an extensive stretching routine that she loves, especially when she wakes up in the morning
· snuggling
· taking walks outside in the neighborhood
· going to a nearby dog-friendly coffee shop
· watching reality tv with her best friend Oliver (also a rescue dog)
· sleeping in late
· warm weather (she hates the cold and rain)
· making visits to our local pet store

Fun fact: When eating dinner, she picks up her food dish with her teeth when she's almost finished, to move it over to the carpet

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