Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

44. Charlie - Underbite Category

Name: Charlie
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: Pet Adoption Connection

About Charlie: Wherever Beth and Brad take Charlie, people stop them on the street and want to take photos of the greatest underbite ever! Charlie is an active, energetic dog who loves a good long run on the beach, hikes, and snuggling. When Brad and Beth adopted Charlie, he slept the entire drive home on Beth's lap. As a constant reminder of how cute he is, Beth even got a tattoo of Charlie’s underbite on her arm!

Favorite Toy: Charlie loves all of his stuffed animal shreds. He will de-stuff everything he gets and then tear it to pieces. He then will treat each shred as if it were a separate toy, bringing it to us to throw, snuggling with it and then returning it to his toy basket.

He also loves tennis balls but those have been banned in our house due to his obsessive behavior with them.

Favorite Treat: Charlie loves Greenies. He freaks out whenever he gets one. As soon as he gets one in his mouth he sprints around the house and makes a high-pitched whining noise because he is so excited.

Favorite Activity: Charlie loves to hike. He loves to go to the beach. He loves to chase sticks, snowballs and birds.

Loves: Charlie loves to sit on laps… in cars, on couches -- any time he can get to a lap.

Fun fact: He has an Instagram account he shares with his best friend and neighbor Murray

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