Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

43. Bigby Smoosh - Underbite Category

Name: Bigby Smoosh
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: Southern California Bulldog Rescue

About Bigby Smoosh: Bigby Smoosh not only has the best underbite you’ve ever seen, he also is a people pleaser. He’s always the first at the door when people come over and is ready to be an entertainer with his toys. He loves to snuggle and he often puts his giant head on Jonah’s chest. Bigby was abandoned at the shelter but when Laura and Jonah met him there, they were sold on his energetic personality!

Favorite Toy: Bigby has several favorite toys but one of them is his Lobster. It’s a “tough” built toy made to last, with several different squeakers in it. Typically, he will find one of the squeakers in either of the claws and squeak it continuously until he’s ready to jump about. He will prance his two front paws up while he shakes his head back and forth, throwing the lobster over his shoulders.

Favorite Treat: Bigby’s favorite treat in the whole world is lettuce. He loves other vegetables too, but his favorite is romaine lettuce. When he hears the veggie drawer in the fridge open he comes running into the kitchen. As you can image it’s very difficult to make a salad, unless you plan on sharing.

Favorite Activity: Bigby’s favorite activity other than snuggling his humans is playing fetch. He thinks all tennis balls are his and takes his training very seriously. When at the dog park he is there to fetch the ball and bring it back. He doesn’t understand why the other dogs there don’t.

Loves: Bigby loves butt scratches and massages.

Fun fact: · He plays differently depending on the size of the other dog. He is aware and knows to be gentler if the dog is smaller than he is. This also applies to small humans.

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