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Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

42. Andy - Underbite Category

Name: Andy
Category: Underbite
Adopted from: Enzo’s Acres

About Andy: Dan met Andy at a puppy “Meet and Greet” shortly after Dan moved to Portland. Andy curled into Dan’s arms and they have been together ever since. They have gone on road trips, hiked Mount Hood, strolled Pike Place Market in Seattle, and took a trip to Canada together. Andy loves wearing sweaters and jackets, but hates the rain (which is ironic considering he lives in Portland). He has a group of dogs in the neighborhood that he absolutely loves to hang out with at the local dog park and daycare.

Favorite Toy: Andy loves socks. He will steal them out of suitcases, off floors, and from the laundry bins - he doesn’t chew them up, but rather collects them in his dog bed. Aside from all the toys I’ve bought him, socks are still his number one favorite.

Favorite Treat: Andy loves carrots and apples - he’ll go nuts for them. If he hears someone cutting them he’ll run into the kitchen, attempt to sit with his tail whipping behind him, and once he sees that you’re about to give him a piece of said carrot or apple, he spins and jumps - then gingerly takes it from you and runs away.

Favorite Activity: Andy loves playing with other dogs - he thinks he’s a big dog, which is extremely entertaining to watch when at the dog park he runs with the labs and pit bulls.

Loves: Cuddle time. He loves napping with his people - generally under or on top of a pile of blankets. I’ve never seen a dog more zenned out.

Fun fact: He loves wearing things - sweaters, jackets, etc., just nothing ever on his head or covering his ears.

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