Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

41. Thunder - Talking Category

Name: Thunder
Category: Talking
Adopted from: Daphneyland Basset Hound Rescue

About Thunder: Thunder is a Basset Hound, a breed which is known for its bay, a deep-voiced howl. So, it is not surprising that he will often “talk back” and conversations can be long ones! He provides therapy to youth programs and offers support to people and dogs wherever he goes.

Favorite Toy: Thunder has a love of fiber. Any paper product he finds, he loves to chew into square pieces. Perfectly square. Given enough time he will make square confetti.

Favorite Treat: As a scent hound, Thunder reacts quickly to food of any kind. His favorite treat is a salmon treat, but will get over excited if he thinks he is getting an “illegal” treat such as a hamburger or piece of chicken. Thunder will gently chew a dog cookie, but if he gets something yummy, he WOLFS IT DOWN.

Favorite Activity: Thunder’s favorite activity is to nap. He is a gold medalist in napping. Besides napping, Thunder enjoys running the countryside, sniffing and his favorite thing is to help heal hearts. Thunder has a natural talent at picking out someone in a room that may be depressed or under the weather. He will immediately want to visit that person and let them pet him.

Loves: Thunder enjoys therapy work. From petting, belly rubbing, walking and meeting new people, to running with Bloodhounds and a pack of Bassets. Thunders second favorite thing is to shake your hand.

Fun fact: Despite being a hunting dog, Thunder is afraid of cats. Sharp claws hurt sensitive noses.

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