Sunday Feb 17 &
Monday Feb 18 8pm/7c

Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

40. Maya - Talking Category

Name: Maya
Category: Talking
Adopted from: Dream Team Angels Rescue

About Maya: Maya has an endless supply of snuggles, kisses, laughs, and a sense of calm. But her most amazing trait is that she can say “I love you!” She is quite the talker. When Maya was at the shelter, Jillian saw an online post about her and knew right away she was the missing piece to her family! Jillian says Maya saved her family and she is the best decision they ever made.

Favorite Toy: Maya loves to play tug of war and fetch with stuffed animals.

Favorite Treat: She loves milk bones but we call them “Cookies.” She will spin in circles, talk, sit, and lay down.

Favorite Activity: Maya loves to go for walks, chase lizards, and go for car rides.

Loves: Her favorite spot for rubs is just behind her ear. And she likes to have her feet rubbed.

Fun fact: She is obsessed with watching our tortoise.

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