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Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

39. Kronos - Talking Category

Name: Kronos
Category: Talking
Adopted from: Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue

About Kronos: Kronos is very photogenic and a good snuggler. He makes a variety of noises and sometimes sounds like a dinosaur. Kronos is a happy dog and is always having fun. He loves water and one of his favorite pastimes is leaping into the water.

Favorite Toy: Kronos loves playing soccer and fetch with the Jolly Pets Bounce N Play Ball. It's a durable rubber ball which he likes to hold between his paws and crush in his jaws. His other favorite toy is a pillow. He has his own special pillow toy which he bites, digs at, throws around, and rolls with.

Favorite Treat: When he really wants any treat, he holds his front lips up from the bottom ones to show just a teeny tiny bit of his teeth (kinda looks like a rat) and he makes the biggest sweetest imploring puppy dog eyes and inches forward if he's sitting. He likes many treats including Zuke's, Natural Balance, and Pet Botanics soft training treats as well as others, which include Three Dog Bakery cookies, Natural Balance Rolls, and Primal Liver Munchies. Kronos's favorite chew is rolled rawhides. He is a strong chewer and puts it in the back of his teeth to gnaw on and holds it between his paws and rips off pieces.

Favorite Activity: Kronos's favorite activity is leaping into water. He also likes to play soccer, snorkel (put his nose into a shallow bucket of water when cooling off, blow out, and walk around), doing Agility, Frisbee, playing with his sisters, digging, chewing sticks, playing in snow, racing around on walks, learning tricks, and going swimming.

Loves: Kronos loves high energy activities and prefers crazy tricks as opposed to basic obedience. When he was a pup, he loved to carry my shoes around and play with them, although he never chewed them or destroyed them. He loves playing the blanket game and de-stuffing toys.

Fun fact: Kronos has a wide variety of noises that he makes; sometimes he sounds like a dinosaur and can sound quite terrifying for a dog his size.

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