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Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

38. Hazel - Talking Category

Name: Hazel
Category: Talking
Adopted from: Abandoned Animal Rescue

About Hazel: Hazel loves peanut butter and will yodel, coo, and prance in place for it! Aubrey was just scrolling the internet when she came across Hazel’s photo by chance. Aubrey had just moved to Los Angeles and was on her own. The second she saw Hazel she knew she had to have her. She booked a flight to Houston to go adopt the dog of her dreams. Hazel had been abandoned three times before she was 9 months old. She is smart, sweet, energetic, and has nothing but love for everyone. Aubrey says that Hazel rescued her. They have an amazing connection and Hazel is a great communicator.

Favorite Toy: Hazel LOVES stuffed animals. Her favorite one is a blue giraffe that has a squeaker in the head and braded rope for a body with dangling tassels. She will shake it back and forth and toss it up so she can pounce on it, or throw it across the room to chase after it herself. When she sees it, she gets so excited. She’ll crouch for it and pounce on it. She’ll toss it around. She has about a dozen stuffed animals and has never once destroyed one or ripped one apart. One time we were walking through the airport heading for our flight and a child had a rolling backpack he was pulling along with a stuffed teddy bear strapped to the front. As we walked passed, she lunged to grab it so she could play with it. I sadly had to tell her that one wasn’t hers, but laughed that she almost stole the child’s toy.

Favorite Treat: Hazel loves peanut butter! I spread it inside a bone for her to play with and lick and chew. When she sees me get either the jar or the bone, she starts dancing. She’ll prance in place and coo and yodel. She’s so excited to see it. She’ll dance with her 2 front feet or bend in a downward dog pose or shuffle. Her tail starts wagging wildly.

Favorite Activity: Hazel’s favorite activity is cuddling. When I’m getting ready for bed, she knows instantly and starts going crazy. She’ll run back and forth and dance. She’s trained not to jump into bed so she starts asking for me to pick her up so she can sleep in bed. Most dogs will sit near their person. Hazel sits on me. If she can’t get her whole body on my lap, she’ll get as much as she can even if that means just her head. It’s a rare occasion that she isn’t in some way sitting or lying on me. And I love it too.

Loves: My dog loves to run! We went camping in Florida last year. It was partly a road trip and we had to be contained in the plane, the hotel and the car for the first few days. After day 2 of camping, she was going out of her mind with energy. There was an open field on the edge of the camp grounds and one evening we went over there and I left her off leash and she ran back and forth and back and forth and back and forth for a solid 40 minutes. Just with herself. No other dogs, no toys. She just wanted to run for the sake of running. She was so happy and excited.

Fun fact: Hazel is a coated variety of a rare hairless dog called a Peruvian Inca Orchid.

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