Sunday Feb 17 &
Monday Feb 18 8pm/7c

Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

36. Mokee - Special Needs Category

Name: Mokee
Category: Special Needs
Adopted from: Social Tees Animal Rescue Foundation

About Mokee: Handsome Mokee was rescued from the streets. When he was first rescued, he was very shy and now he is the funniest little guy. Mokee is very social with people and dogs and especially loves Yellow Labs and Golden Retrievers. Mokee has arthritis, luxating patella, and also has gum disease but that doesn’t stop him from being a charming, happy guy!

Loves: Mokee loves to cuddle himself under the covers. There he is most comfy and if you do not let him under the blanket, he will demand it until you do it.

Fun fact: When he's thirsty and there is no water in the bowl, he starts tapping it until I refill it.

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