Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

35. Ginger - Special Needs Category

Name: Ginger
Category: Special Needs
Adopted from: Animal Care Centers of NYC

About Ginger: Ginger was found badly neglected and abused when Samantha fostered her. Their bonding began immediately, so much so that Samantha adopted her!
After a visit to the vet, it was determined that she was visually impaired due to a long untreated case of dry eye. It has been incredible to watch her bloom -- she has attitude now, she has opinions, she is strong enough to jump on and off furniture! She and Samantha developed an understanding and affection for each other pretty quickly. Theirs is a once in a lifetime connection!

Favorite Toy: Ginger is a funny girl when it comes to toys — she doesn’t really play with them, she pecks at them. Her favorite “toy” is her dog bed or my pillows. At night when we cuddle and watch TV, she will often grab her bed or one of my pillows and start biting at it in a pecking motion, and everyone who has seen it laughs because there is no other way to describe it other than “pecking.” I have no idea why she does this.

Favorite Treat: Ginger LOVES pig ears and bully sticks — she will happily chew them for hours. She also loves lamb lung or anything I’m eating that I will let her have. When she knows she’s about to get a special treat, she often does a funny dance where she flops her arms up and down and spins a little or runs back and forth and barks at me.

Favorite Activity: Aside from napping or hanging out in my lap, Ginger’s favorite activity is sprinting — running at top speed for a short distance, but only on leash. Because she is mostly blind, she is not super active and doesn’t like to run around the way other dogs do because she easily gets disoriented and lost. But when she is on leash, she knows she is safe and will run so happily with me that you can practically see the glee shoot out of her body.

Loves: Snacks, belly rubs, chest scratches, booty scratches, playing hide and seek with me in my apartment, when I come back into a room from having been out of it.

Fun fact: Ginger is pink! Everywhere we go people point out how funny it is that she is a pink dog — not just her skin, but her fur even looks pinkish!

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