Night Two
Monday Feb 18 8pm/7c

Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

34. Fast Eddie - Special Needs Category

Name: Fast Eddie
Category: Special Needs
Adopted from: A Purposeful Rescue

About Fast Eddie: Fast Eddie is a strong little man, hiking with Cecilia and his buddies almost every day. Eddie uses a little cart to move around as he is never going to be able to regain use of his back legs. But that won't stop him! Eddie loves to hike with his friends in the mountains almost every day. Inspired by Fast Eddie, Cecilia has improved her professional dog training skills by learning how to work with disabled animals.

Favorite Toy: Eddie Loves squeaky toys, the louder the better.

Favorite Treat: There is not a treat Eddie doesn’t like. He is a Cookie Monster (that’s what we call him!) He flips up and down with what he can since his back legs don’t work and he barks like a seal.

Favorite Activity: Eddie loves to hike with his friends. I take him, his brothers and friends up in the Santa Monica mountains and we hike almost every day off leash. He is fast and super funny.

Loves: Eddie loves to cuddle my all the members of our family, however I would say what Eddie likes the most is sitting on our back yard patio and watching for squirrels. He is a proper squirrel patrol-- no one goes unnoticed under his watch!

Fun fact: Eddie is bossy at times and it’s a riot seeing him with big dogs.

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