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Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

33. Charlie - Special Needs Category

Name: Charlie
Category: Special Needs
Adopted from: Animal Care Centers of NYC

About Charlie: Charlie is deaf and lived in four homes before he was surrendered to the shelter as “uncontrollable.” He was adopted by Colleen and together they learned 52 different American Sign Language (ASL) signs. He is part of the Positive Pet Program at a local hospital in Santa Monica, CA and brings joy to everyone who meets him.

Favorite Toy: Plastic water bottles, food ball, and any toy another dog is playing with. He has a giant teddy bear that he cuddles with when I am not home. It’s the only toy he doesn’t rip up.

Favorite Treat: Charlie LOVES bananas, carrot shavings, lettuce and anything you would expect a dog to not like. He will take an apple or banana over beef.

Favorite Activity: Charlie loves to go with a group of his dog friends up to Malibu and run along the beach, chasing the waves and balls. He is a momma's boy, so anything I am doing he wants to be a part of it. He liked going into the hospital to visit the nurses, doctors and patients as a therapy dog. Any child in a stroller, he assumes they are smuggling food just for him. When Charlie was a puppy my neighbor's child would do that--hiding food to give to Charlie secretly
(we knew they were doing it). When we lived in NYC he loved the dog park and Central Park.

Loves: Snuggles, people, learning new tricks, most importantly FOOD. He loves when someone knows sign language and they can talk to him. The “I love you” sign especially.

Fun fact: Charlie knows over 50 American Sign Language commands. He passed his therapy exam with a complex rating; it's the highest one for a dog to get. I am so proud because some tasks are harder because he is deaf.

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