Night Two
Monday Feb 18 8pm/7c

Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

31. Tank - Snoring Category

Name: Tank
Category: Snoring
Adopted from: Southern California Bulldog Rescue

About Tank: When Katie and her family saw Tank’s photo online, they immediately fell in love. They named her Tank as her new Dad is retired from the United States Marine Corp. They felt the name of Tank was fitting, since English Bulldogs are the Marines' mascot. Tank has brought emotional support to their family and was even the ring bearer at their wedding. When Tank isn't sleeping and snoring, she loves to play soccer, and any activity where she can chase balls. Her favorite pastime is going on runs with her Dad while riding in her baby stroller.

Favorite Toy: Tank has tons of dog toys, but none of them get her too excited. What does get her excited is when our youngest daughter Bethany (aged 9) plays with her slime/silly putty. It isn't safe for her so Tank isn't allowed to have it - but she goes crazy watching Bethany play with it.

Favorite Treat: We don't really feed Tank dog treats, however she loves jelly beans! Whenever we eat them we have to share with her because she will start drooling and begging until we give in to her!

Favorite Activity: Tank's favorite pastime is definitely going on runs with Daddy (Ryan) in the baby stroller. In her stroller, she "runs" approximately 5 miles a day. Tank has a baby stroller since we adopted her because she gets tired quickly. We recently had a baby and so Tank's stroller got an upgrade to a double, so there is now room for both Tank and Baby!

Loves: Tank loves life. She just wants to hang out and be part of the family. She loves belly rubs and would be content if we could pet her 24/7.

Fun fact: Tank is a girl...even though her name sounds like a boy. She was named Tank because Ryan is a retired marine, and Tank just sounded like a fitting name for a marine's bulldog.

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