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Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

30. Peaches - Snoring Category

Name: Peaches
Category: Snoring
Adopted from: Smiling Dog Rescue

About Peaches: Peaches loves to cuddle on the bed after breakfast (and snore loudly)! She makes cute snorting sounds while walking along the beach and running along the ocean chasing birds. Peaches is ready to meet and love anyone and everyone, especially if they will give her a belly rub! Although she had a rough beginning, you would never know it from her happy demeanor. Once at risk of euthanasia, she is now the life of the party wherever she goes!

Favorite Toy: Peaches loves her bones, but only if she has a cozy bed to chew them on! She will run as fast as her little legs will take her and goes straight to the closest cozy bed.

Favorite Treat: Peaches loves to go for walks with her grandson Jr Brown all around our ranch. She loves exploring the new smells and watching the bunnies run from her that she of course CAN’T catch, and she is always amazed at the “BIG DOGS,” aka our horses! The horses don’t know what to think of her because she snorts, walks and looks like a miniature pig!

Favorite Activity: He loves the beach. Best: playing ball on the Beach! Nirvana!

Loves: Peaches loves belly rubs! Stop, drop, and roll for belly rubs!

Fun fact: Peaches loves everyone! Dogs, kids, cats, and birds (I have a blue and gold Macaw), she is a celestial lover of life!

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