Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

3. Faith - Couch Potato Category

Name: Faith
Category: Couch Potato
Adopted from: Sandy Blout of Afghan Hound Rescue Southern California

About Faith: Faith is a purebred Afghan who was found at a puppy mill in Taiwan. She was adopted by her former foster Mom in the United States. Faith loves to stretch out near a nice cozy fireplace after a hard day of being beautiful. In the evening, she likes watching TV on the couch and insists on snuggling. She's a very sweet and affectionate girl.

Favorite Toy: Knuckle Bones. We have a little mixed breed dog (Boogie) who we call "The Bone Collector." He hoards all the bones so Faith has to be very tricky to get one from him. She will lick his ear and lick his face. As he is blindsided by all the attention, she grabs the bone and runs away with it.

Favorite Treat: Kirkland Bones. Faith gets one after every meal. She gobbles her food down in anticipation of the bone. She eats it very quickly and goes on the search for crumbs left from the other dogs.

Favorite Activity: We have half an acre with a hill on one side. Faith loves to blast out the door and make laps around the yard then up the bank. She is very fast. Like a fine sports car shifting gears, she accelerates to lightning speed.

Loves: Faith loves to stand by someone, and could stand there for hours being petted. If you stop petting her she nudges you and rubs her head on you.

Fun fact: Faith has been on the runway in Hollywood in fashion shows. She has also been in calendars (on the cover once).

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