Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

29. Mango - Snoring Category

Name: Mango
Category: Snoring
Adopted from: Angel City Pit Bulls

About Mango: Mango has a unique gift…she has an earth-rattling snore that she generates with her massive, yet adorable jowls. She enjoys group outings and loves to be around other dogs of all breeds and sizes. Mango is working on achieving an Urban Canine Good Citizen certificate award.

Favorite Toy: Mango does not play with many toys but is fond of a beef-flavored wishbone chew toy. Although it’s around her almost all of the time, she prefers to play with it during the middle of the night when she can be the most disruptive to human sleep. She laughs in the face of toys that tout themselves to be for “big chewers.”

Favorite Treat: Mango considers dirty napkins treats even though we don't. Because of her massive jowls, she’s able to produce enough drool to eat a stack of unattended napkins before you even know they're missing.

Conventionally, she enjoys a mash of cheddar cheese and shredded chicken. If she's particularly well-behaved, she'll get a squirt of whipped cream. When she knows treats are coming, her mouth waters so much that you can hear the sound of her saliva hit the floor like rain as it drips from the corners of her mouth.

Favorite Activity: Mango’s favorite activity is spending time with her dog pals. In addition to general revelry and playdates, we've been a member of LARPBO (Los Angeles Responsible Pit Bull Owners) for two years. Beyond weekly training sessions, we go on a lot of group outings around the city.

Her other favorite activities include sleeping, snoozing, naps, resting, and of course, snoring while doing all these things.

Loves: Mango loves to be cozy with mom more than anything else in the entire world. Step One: Find Mom, Step Two: Drag blankets to Mom, Step Three: Make Mom bury me in blankets. Repeat, regardless of season or outside temperature.

Fun fact: The command for her to go into her crate must be sung, “Hey Mang, I’ve got bad news! It’s time for you to go in your crate!” If you just say the words, she won’t go in.

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