Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

28. Kody - Snoring Category

Name: Kody
Category: Snoring
Adopted from: Fur Kids R Us

About Kody: Although Kody is a senior dog, his age doesn’t slow him down. He loves everybody and every dog, and is very social. Kody loves to be the center of attention. When he is tired out from socializing, he hops up on the couch and settles in for some cuddle time! Kody has a doggie brother named Dexter who doesn’t seem to mind his snoring.

Favorite Toy: Since Kody is a senior, his toy playing is sporadic. He does run and grab a stuffed toy when he wants to show off in front of company, or when I come home from work and he’s feeling frisky. He will grab it, shake it around a bit and then it’s the quest to get the squeaker out…but not before removing all the stuffing!

Favorite Treat: Right now, Kody’s favorite treats are dehydrated bully sticks. He grabs one from me and then paces around until I sit on the floor with him. He only wants to eat them when he is on my lap. If I am not able to sit down, he needs to hide it. I love to spy on him while he tries to find the perfect hiding place. Sometimes it’s behind the curtains or under his favorite chair. Other times he takes it upstairs and who knows what he does up there, but it sounds like ceiling is going to come down! I caught him in the laundry basket once, burying it under clothes!

Favorite Activity: Kody loves to do everything. He loves to be the center of attention. One of his favorite things to do is go to Rosie’s Dog Beach in Long Beach. The minute we get out of the car he can’t wait to sprint down to the water. He loves to chase big dogs that are chasing balls in the ocean. He waits for them until they come out of the water and then bounces!

Loves: Kody loves to be in the middle of it all. He loves car rides, to see his friends at Frenchie meets ups, and his evening walks on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood. He knows everyone in every store, knows who has treats, and loves to say hi to everyone at the bars.

Fun fact: Last year he had soft palate surgery and had his nares opened up so he can breathe better.

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