Sunday Feb 17 &
Monday Feb 18 8pm/7c

Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

26. Pie - Senior Dog Category

Name: Pie
Category: Senior Dog
Adopted from: The American Belgian Malinois Rescue

About Pie: Pie is the friendliest dog you will ever meet. She loves all people from tiny babies on up! She also loves all dogs. In fact, she is named Pie because she is a sweetie pie. At eleven years old, Pie still loves to go hiking, run, and chase the tennis ball. She completed in agility for several years and she loved every moment of it until she retired.

Favorite Toy: Pie loves the tennis ball the most. She loves to chase it really fast and long. The best is to use the chuck-it. When she is too tired to chase it any more, she will start chewing on it. I don’t let her do that because it is bad for her teeth. But even though I don’t let her, she still gets away with it sometimes! Her teeth are pretty worn down because she loves the tennis ball so much. Even if we don’t have enough room to chase the ball, she is also happy to just have me toss it too her. She catches it out of the air, chomps on it a few times, then we do it again.

Favorite Treat: Pie is an equal opportunity treat eater. She is equally excited about any treat. It can be plain kibble, a big chunk of chicken, or a bully stick. No matter what it is, she eats is in one gulp if it is small, or finishes it in a few chews if it is a chew treat.

Favorite Activity: Hiking is her favorite! She runs and runs and runs.

Loves: She loves to have her rump, right above her, tail scratched. She will back up to a person who is sitting down so you can scratch her in just the right spot!

Fun fact: She plays the dog Apollo in the movie, “The Dog Who Saved Summer.” She was recruited for this movie because she plays an agility dog and she already knew how to do agility. She also had to do tricks like steal another dog’s collar and untie someone’s hands. The movie trainers were very impressed that she knew so much but was not an officially trained movie dog! She got paid and everything!

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