Sunday Feb 17 &
Monday Feb 18 8pm/7c

Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

25. Missy - Senior Dog Category

Name: Missy
Category: Senior Dog
Adopted from: Lange Foundation

About Missy: Missy is a frisky, healthy, smart pup with a great sense of humor. Just hearing the words “dinner” or “walk” get her all excited. When she’s super happy, she races around the house at top speed. Missy also loves long car rides. Although she’s as senior dog, her upbeat personality doesn’t show her age at all. Missy is best friends with her next door neighbor, Buddy, who is always ready and up for playing.

Favorite Toy: Missy's favorite toy is an old wooly yellow sheep she took home from Lange Foundation.

Favorite Treat: Missy will eat essentially everything, even lettuce if it has dressing. She loves the few bones we've rarely brought home from a restaurant. She relishes dog biscuits of any make.

Favorite Activity: Running at the beach is by far her favorite activity, with or without birds. She will run from room to room as fast as possible in a large oval circuit when she’s excited about seeing someone, or after a bath in the shower stall after she’s towel dried.

Loves: She is a supreme belly rub addict from anyone she can induce to do it. She loves to snuggle next to people watching TV.

Fun fact: Missy will run to people on the sidewalk if they're friends and jump up on their forelegs.

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