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Monday Feb 18 8pm/7c

Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

24. Mischa - Senior Dog Category

Name: Mischa
Category: Senior Dog
Adopted from: Great Pyrenees Association of Southern California

About Mischa: Kristen and her husband were looking to rescue a gentle dog that would be great with her young son. She loves any kind of attention, is a gentle giant, and bonded with her son immediately. Mischa is a great canine ambassador. And did we mention she likes naps?

Favorite Toy: While her favorite plaything was always her bonded companion Samson, if there had to be a toy that she loved to play with it would be unstuffed animals with squeakers. She would throw them around and ultimately bury them in the yard.

Favorite Treat: Mischa loves freeze dried liver treats. She always plays it calm, cool and collected but the most endearing quality is the fact that she is exceedingly gentle when she takes the treat. You could have a sliver of a treat and she will nibble and never feel a tooth.

Favorite Activity: She enjoys naps, being in public, and meeting people. She is not a fan of the beach or water and is not fond of birds. We know when birds have invaded her yard because she will bark until the intruders leave.

Loves: She loves any kind of attention. If you are in the room with her and are awake, she will not allow you to not have a hand on her, petting, scratching cuddling. Heaven forbid you have a hand on her and stop any of the listed activities, as she will nose your hand back to work.

Fun fact: Despite the fact that Pyrenees are cold weather dogs, on a hot summer day, you’ll find her sprawled out sunbathing in the back yard.

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