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Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

22. Bailey - Senior Dog Category

Name: Bailey
Category: Senior Dog
Adopted from: Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue

About Bailey: Bailey was an overweight, sad adult dog when Kathy met, fell in love with her, and adopted her. As a marathon runner, Kathy, started taking her on slow walks. Bailey is now a healthy weight and the “Captain” of many charity fundraising walks to help both people and animals. Bailey assumes everyone loves her, and she loves to snuggle. Kathy likes to say the Bailey rescued her, not the other way around.

Favorite Toy: Bailey’s favorite toy is anything stuffed. She had a stuffed lady bug that was given to her from her boyfriend (a 13 pound cock-a-poo) that she kept for 2 years. She carried it everywhere and slept with it. Now she has numerous stuffed animals and she will pick one from the pile and carry outside with her to go on her walks or even just to go potty.

Favorite Treat: Bailey’s favorite treat is Vanilla flavored frozen yogurt, which she gets on special occasions. I get the sample cup size so there is only a tablespoon, and then I give her just a little at a time. She gets excited just pulling into the parking lot!

Favorite Activity: Playing with her new friend Brittney who is a 1 ½ year old black lab. They wrestle and take each other down. She chases her all over the park. It is so cute, and my vet says that keeps her young as she will be 11 this year.

Loves: Bailey loves to have her belly rubbed. The minute I come home she greats me at the door with a stuffed animal in her mouth and starts wiggling and whining, she then runs over to the rug, rolls over and wants her belly rubbed. So I rub her belly and then take her out for a walk, and then when we get back I sit down on the floor and she rolls over for another belly rub.

Fun fact: She loves water. I will put a jacket on her when it is raining so she doesn’t get wet, but the first thing she does is roll on the grass and gets completely soaked.

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