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Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

21. Zorra - Listening Category

Name: Zorra
Category: Listening
Adopted from: Los Angeles County Animal Shelter, Downey

About Zorra: Zorra is a loving, funny, and happy dog. She likes to give kisses in the morning, frolic on the beach, and play with the other dogs. Zorra knows about forty different words and is super smart, which makes it delightful to communicate with her. She is an outstanding listener and has brought an amazing amount of joy to the lives of her family.

Favorite Toy: Zorra's favorite toy that she has never destroyed is her black stallion horse with a brown saddle - it's about 18 inches long. She carries it all around the house and in the front and back yards. If you start to play with her, she looks at you as if to say "Just one second," and runs to find her horse so you can play with it too. She places it at your feet and her feet, and the game begins... who can get it first? She gives you a fair chance but she is quick. When you reach for it, she will get it 1 out of 5 times. Then she swings it back and forth playfully and gleefully in her mouth in victory.

Favorite Treat: Zorra loves all treats equally and impartially - salmon, chicken, turkey, a little cheese, sweet potato skins, apples, carrots, etcetera. She immediately sits in front of you so attentively as if you just offered her life everlasting. We always have her do one little trick (high-five, shake hands, stand, roll over, down, or give a hug), then she grabs it and takes it to her 'special' place to enjoy. It's a little spot in the backyard that she somehow designated long ago as her "treat-eating spot." She must be alone with her treats even though she is an "only dog."

Favorite Activity: Zorra's favorite activity is going to Huntington Dog Beach. She loves the ocean and starts sniffing, getting excited and whining when she smells it. When John goes out to ride waves, she chases him as far out as she can and she rides waves too. She plays with all of the dogs and chases the ball into the ocean all day long.

Loves: Zorra loves to play "hide and seek." One of us will go outside and shut the sliding door. Then she runs outside while we run back inside and hide. She runs back inside to find us hiding somewhere and tackles us when she does.

Fun fact: She is an escape artist. We stayed in a guest house on a farm when she was almost one year old. She broke into the farm owner's house and jumped into bed with the husband and wife and their Border Collie at 5am, like "Hi, let's cuddle!"

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