Monday February 17 8:00pm / 7:00c

Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

20. Samantha - Listening Category

Name: Samantha
Category: Listening
Adopted from: Karma Rescue

About Samantha: Adoptable Samantha is a sweet, petite low rider, with medium to low energy, and is a good listener! She tilts her head when she hears high pitched noises, knows her basic commands, and enjoys exercise. Samantha also loves to play fetch and leap into the air for her tennis balls! This sweet and charming girl loves when you rub her ears, her belly, and her back. Once used as a breeding dog, Samantha is now in need of a family of her own in the Los Angeles area.

Favorite Toy: Her tennis ball and bones. Samantha will leap into air to catch ball. Loves to play fetch!

Favorite Treat: Chicken hot dogs! Samantha will sit and give paw for this treat.

Favorite Activity: Playing fetch and chasing tennis balls.

Loves: Belly rubs, ear rubs, massaging her back!

Fun fact: Tilts her head to the side when she hears high pitched noises.

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