Sunday Feb 17 &
Monday Feb 18 8pm/7c

Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

2. Dora - Couch Potato Category

Name: Dora
Category: Couch Potato
Adopted from: All Breed Rescue in Yucaipa

About Dora: At first Dora was shy but it didn't take long for her to live up to her name, Dora the explorer--she is forever curious about what is going on around her. She lives for her daily 2- 4 mile walks. Dora has taken a liking to sofas. Her favorite is in the master bedroom where she often hangs out during the day and sleeps at night. She also likes to sit out on an outdoor sofa and check out the backyard during the day…provided it isn't too hot in the Palm Springs sun. Dora is the fourth rescue dog and third Standard Poodle rescue that Michael and Jeff have had in the past 20 years.

Favorite Toy: While Dora has a box full of toys, she only has two that she ever plays with; one for outside and one for indoors. Her outdoor toy is a very well used green Care Bear that she loves to play with in the morning after breakfast. She grabs it in her mouth, throws it as far as she can, and then runs over to pick it up and do it again. The interesting part is that she doesn’t want anyone to throw it for her to retrieve…she wants to do it all herself. Her indoor toy is a furry aardvark. When we come home and go into the bedroom she usually grabs her aardvark in her front paws and lays down to lick its fur while watching to see what we are doing. That toy seldom leaves the bedroom, but appears to be one she plays with when she is in a good mood.

Favorite Treat: Dora is not a big treat kind of dog…and we have tried many. The one treat she does get is turkey lunchmeat topping her food at breakfast and dinner. She will often take it out of the bowl and go over to her favorite rug to eat each piece before returning to grab another. It has become as much an entitlement as a treat.

Favorite Activity: Dora is crazy about her walks!!! She gets two each and every day, rain or shine, even in the Palm Springs Summer, one in the morning and a second after the sun goes over the mountain in the afternoon (or evening depending on the time of year). She doesn’t mind sleeping in on occasion as long as she gets her walk in before breakfast. When she hears the crinkle of the plastic dog poo bags she runs to where her harness is hanging and patiently waits for us to put it on. In the afternoon/evening she knows when the sun goes over the mountain, even on cloudy days, and starts pacing and going from one of us to the other to let us know it is time. Once we get out the front door and into the front courtyard area, she gets so excited she barks and jumps in circles before we put the leash on. Once on her walk, she begins the hunt for rabbits; she knows where they live and chases them. Of course, the bunnies are fast and can easily slip under fences and bushes. Not sure what she will do if she ever catches one.

Loves: Dora loves to be petted, especially on the head, under her ears and around her neck. If you stop before she wants you to, she uses her nose to nudge your hand or bats you with her paw to let you know your job is not done.

Fun fact: Dora knows which houses along the walk have dogs and she seem to take great enjoyment in getting their attention. She has a high-pitched kind of whimper when we get close to those houses and, once the dog inside starts to bark, her tail goes up and she walks faster past the house as if she knows her mission is accomplished. We call her a trouble-maker.

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