Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

19. Fitz - Listening Category

Name: Fitz
Category: Listening
Adopted from: LA Animal Services, South LA Shelter

About Fitz: Fitz is a gorgeous dog with a beautiful soul. Most people who meet him stop and say, “That face!” Fitz is the most affectionate dog ever, who loves to cuddle, give kisses, and tilt his head with interest at certain sounds. Fitz is a not very good howler but still gives it the old college try when a fire truck goes by!

Favorite Toy: Fitz has a small stuffed chicken with squeakers inside, and pretty much is a sucker for anything fluffy with squeakers. We call them “fluffs.” When Fitz gets excited over anything like us coming home, he runs around looking for his toy and then carries it around, prancing in circles with it in his mouth. He also sometimes likes to squeak it rhythmically like a musical instrument. And then from time to time, he decides enough is enough and rips the squeakers out of it. Then it’s time for a new chicken. We go through lots of fluffs in our house!

Favorite Treat: Fitz’s favorite treat is his daily “toothbrush,” which is a teeth cleaning chew made of potato. He always takes it extremely gently, but then pretty much plows it down, as he does most food.

Favorite Activity: Fitz loves open trail hiking. His favorite thing is to run far ahead on the trail, free to explore and wander. Although Fitz is small in stature, he gets so excited that he will take flying leaps across streams, small chasms, off walls, anywhere really. Sometimes he goes tumbling, but always comes up with a big excited look on his face.

Loves: Most dogs can only take so much snuggling, but not Fitz. The closer you snuggle him, the more he loves it, burying his face in you until he can barely breathe and often falling fast asleep almost immediately when he is held or snuggled.

Fun fact: Whenever Fitz hears a dog crying on TV, he tilts his head about 90 degrees like he is listening very intently.

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