Monday February 17 8:00pm / 7:00c

Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

18. Cody - Listening Category

Name: Cody
Category: Listening
Adopted from: transport via Wings of Rescue

About Cody: Cody is an outstanding listener. He is a gentle, very cuddly dog that wants to meet every person he comes across. Cody is a friend to all dogs too. Smart and attentive, he taught himself to knock on doors to let people know he wants to come in! Cody was in danger of euthanasia and when Renita met Cody, she knew she had to take care of him. Her apartment didn’t allow dogs, so she moved out and found a new place just so she and Cody could be together!

Favorite Toy: Cody loves his treat ball. He enjoys kicking it around with his paws and making little treats fall out. It’s a game for him that is fun and he gets to exercise his mind – which he loves. He’s nuts about treats, too.

Favorite Treat: Cody loves these little dried fish. They’re crunchy and he gets more excited for them any other treat. Maybe he loves fish because he is descendant from the Dingo, who also eat fish.

Favorite Activity: Cody loves to practice his tricks. He has learned to lay down, wait to take food, stand on two legs, and he’s working on jumping through hoops! He loves to practice his tricks because he gets to learn and also get treats!

Loves: Cody loves to lick everything! He licks his paws, he licks his little sister’s face and he licks the water off my shins after I take shower. He also loves to lick anything that has lotion on it. Sometimes he comes out of nowhere and starts licking my face.

Fun fact: He’s very calm and helps his little sister, who is Mini Pinscher/Italian Greyhound mix with anxiety issues.

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