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Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

17. Bertie Botts - Listening Category

Name: Bertie Botts
Category: Listening WINNER
Adopted from: Hope For Paws

About Bertie Botts: Bertie Botts is paying attention to everything you say…she even remembers names! She likes to tilt her head and pay attention and looks adorable doing so. Bertie is named after a Harry Potter character…Bertie Botts. Bertie is extremely kind to others, she has a pet rat named Pat, and a feline sister names Schmox, whom she loves. Her favorite toy is her birthday “duck,” a present she received on her birthday.

Favorite Toy: She has two. One is her birthday duck, which is yellow and furry (for some reason), and she got it on her birthday. She likes to play tug-of-war with it, and she tries to kill it by chomping on the “heart” (the squeaker). Whenever she wants Dad to engage, she digs her birthday duck out of her pile of toys. The other is her treat ball—a hard blue plastic ball that is filled with tiny treats—she will knock it all over the place with her paws to make the treats fall out. If we happen to be boarding dogs, they will follow her around, knowing that following her leads to treasure.

Favorite Treat: She LOVES chicken jerky—offering this to her will make her shake her head with wild eyes, as if to say, “GIMME GIMME GIMME!” Another one is the dried lamb’s ear—this, for some reason, she will not really “work on,” but will spend hours looking for the perfect hiding place. I find these under her bed, under my pillows, and in other places—very strange. She treats them like pirates’ booty.

Favorite Activity: She loves her best friends—a handful of dogs she’s grown up with. She also loves staying in cabins and hotels with Dad and Dad’s loved ones. I THINK she likes car rides, as long as she is alone in the passenger seat.

Loves: She loves her Uncle Tony, her Uncle Jim, Aunt Wendy, Aunt Addie, Cousin Chuck, Puddy, Oscar, Harry, Bella, George, Aunt Julia, Uncle David, Linky, Charlie, Noah, Harley, Sierra, and her sister Schmox. (Most of these are dogs.)

Fun fact: · She presses her paws against her dad when sleeping and doesn’t stir until he wakes up.

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