Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

16. Tallulah - Kissing Category

Name: Tallulah
Category: Kissing
Adopted from: Upland Animal Shelter

About Tallulah: Jim and Betsy visited the Upland Animal Shelter to adopt a puppy that they could train for the fun sport of canine agility. The minute Jim saw Tallulah, it was love at first sight. He could tell that she was smart and agile. Tallulah now has seven Master Agility Championships (MACH) and other agility titles. However, her favorite game is called the “Kissing Game,” where she runs and jumps back and forth between Betsy and Jim, jumping up into their arms and covering them with kisses. Jim calls Tallulah his real-life teddy bear.

Favorite Toy: Tallulah was a street dog, then lived in the shelter for quite a while. She didn't learn to play with toys as a young puppy, and has never been interested in toys.

Favorite Treat: Betsy bakes a fish loaf with canned salmon and tuna, eggs, ground kibble and oatmeal, and sometimes substitutes low fat burger for the fish. Tallulah knows where her crate and treat bag are at agility trials and drags Betsy all the way from the ring to her treats, drooling all the way. Twice we have stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home, where she gets a little doggy size ice cream, and now screams if we stop along the way, thinking we must be at Dairy Queen.

Favorite Activity: Tallulah loves the "kissing game." She also loves doing distance games in agility. When she is especially good, I tell her "Wow, Tallulah"! Sometimes she makes a sound like "wow" back at me.

Loves: When Jim comes home in the car he stops and opens the gate. Tallulah watches for him from the window, then runs to the door and "sings." Betsy opens the door, and out of our four dogs, only Tallulah is allowed to run and jump in the car into Jim's lap, and ride with him from the gate to the garage. It's her special thing that she loves to do.

Fun fact: We made a poster with some of her photos for the Upland Shelter when Tallulah got her first AKC Master Agility Champion title (she now has seven Championships). People still come up to us and say they saw her poster at the Shelter.

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