Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

15. Riley - Kissing Category

Name: Riley
Category: Kissing
Adopted from: Rockin Rescue Woodland Hills

About Riley: Riley is the happiest dog who loves to kiss everyone she meets. She loves going to the park, playing with her “Squeaky Duck,” and likes to snuggle her family. Since being adopted, Riley has completed her training to become a service and therapy dog for children with autism. When her son’s therapy dog passed away, Debbie, a certified dog trainer, knew that Riley would be the perfect fit for her family. She was right…Riley is now an integral, and very much loved, member of the family!

Favorite Toy: Tennis balls – retrieving them.

Several generations of “Squeaky Duck” – they survive about three days until only a wing is left!

Favorite Treat: I just mention the word “treat” and Riley does an automatic “sit” and pricks up her ears. She likes puppy pepperoni and Milo’s Kitchen chicken meatballs.

Favorite Activity: Going to the dog park. Riley loves going to the Dog Beach in San Diego and playing with other dogs in the surf.

Loves: Butt rubs!

Fun fact: I adopted Riley to train as a service dog for an autistic family so I could get my certification as a service dog trainer. I passed the field test with her. Then my own son’s beloved service dog Dulce passed away and he wanted to keep Riley. I said yes as my son has autism.

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