Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

14. Mikey - Kissing Category

Name: Mikey
Category: Kissing
Adopted from: Lhasa Happy Homes

About Mikey: Mikey is the world’s greatest kisser and will kiss his family for hours! Mikey just loves being with Melissa, sitting on her lap, and going everywhere with her. After a week of fostering Mikey, Melissa and her children realized he is needed to be a part of their lives. Melissa is grateful for the positive energy and love that Mikey has brought to their home.

Favorite Toy: Mikey loves stuffed animals that squeak. His favorite is a green alligator. When he’s feeling playful, he grabs the alligator out of the toy basket and runs around the house with the alligator in his mouth squeaking and squeaking. He tries to make his brother Ash chase him and they seem to play a game of hide and seek with each other. It’s too cute!

Favorite Treat: Mikey’s favorite treat is the chicken jerky from Trader Joe’s. Every morning after our walk he gets one. Sometime, if I don’t get him one right away and I make coffee for myself first, then Mikey jumps up onto my leg and starts scratching my leg as to say “MOM! You forgot my treat!” As soon as I get him his treat, he takes it to his bed in the kitchen and eats it all up. He usually comes back to me begging for another one... and if I have more, I always give him one.

Favorite Activity: You would not think that a 12 pound fluffy white Shih Tzu would be a good running companion, but Mikey is special. Because he wants to be with me wherever I go, he became a runner. When I take Mikey to the beach and go on a run, he is in heaven. And amazingly, he keeps up with for me for our 2.5 mile magical Malibu runs. His adopted brother Ash keeps him company and the two of them will often chase the birds or go play with the other dogs we meet along our run. Mikey literally wears a giant smile from start to finish. He absolutely loves it!

Loves: Mikey just loves being with me. That’s what he loves best. As long as he can see me, go with me or sit on my lap… he is happy. He follows my every move around the house. No matter where I go, Mikey is right there behind me. And when I leave the house, he expects to go with me (I usually take him). He loves sitting on my lap while I drive and I love having him there.

Fun fact: He snores when he sleeps (and it makes me smile every time I hear it).

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