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Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

13. Lizzie - Kissing Category

Name: Lizzie
Category: Kissing WINNER
Adopted from: Bullies and Buddies

About Lizzie: Lizzie loves belly rubs, and going out shopping or somewhere with lots of people she knows she can steal cuddles from. When she finds the right person, she will wait and lay down in the walking path to get belly rubs. If they don’t stop, she won’t move and will wait for the next victim. Lizzie loves people and plays to the camera; she is not shy and has many rescue playmates. She loves to kiss!

Favorite Toy: Lizzie has a Bunny blanket toy that she has had since the day I rescued her. It’s the one toy she hasn’t completely torn to shreds. Sometimes she licks it, sometimes she sleeps with it, and she even tries to put it in my mouth when I sleep. Recently, her favorite toy is a Zebra that crinkles and squeaks. It was a gift from my friend, Colleen, aka her second mom, as well as mom to her first friend Pigeon. Lizzie will toss that Zebra in the air, fetch and catch, etc. I think she likes sleeping with this toy because it smells like her friend.

My favorite part about coming home is when she greets me with her favorite toy, and just paces because she is so excited.

Favorite Treat: Lizzie does not discriminate when it comes to treats. She likes all treats from chicken, to rice paper bones, to peanut butter. She will try to quickly take the treat from your hand, in case you change your mind (I don’t know why she does this) then retreat under the dining table or to her bed to enjoy it. She also loves goat’s milk and absolutely has to have her morning milk while I enjoy my morning coffee. Something funny: if I hold two treats up and ask her to pick one (even if they are exactly the same), she loses her mind as if she is making the hardest decision of her life. She gets vocal and sometimes even jumps around until she figures out she can have both.

Favorite Activity: Lizzie loves going to the beach and running into the ocean after her chuck-it beach toy. She loves going in to the water, but if the toy is too far out of her comfort zone she’ll let another dog get it and then take it from them to give to me.

Loves: Lizzie loves my niece and nephew. The minute we turn down the street she starts crying for them. She also loves hiking, kayaking, car rides, and any adventure where we can be outside.

Fun fact: Lizzie understands English and Korean.

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