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Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

12. Gracie - Kissing Category

Name: Gracie
Category: Kissing
Adopted from: Boxer Rescue LA

About Gracie: Gracie loves being with people – she is a cuddler and loves being right next to you at all times. Rachel had fostered Gracie, who bonded instantly with her young son and other dog. It was a “foster failure”. Gracie now helps other rescue dogs with her family.

Favorite Toy: Gracie’s favorite toy is any ball. She LOVES to play fetch. She has also been known to poke holes (accidentally, of course!) in soccer balls – so she can then carry them around. She also loves a Christmas ornament shaped plush toy – initially it terrified her, now she loves to play “tug” with it and chase after it.

Favorite Treat: Gracie loves ALL treats! And, she also loves people food (thus her, and my, waistlines could both be a little smaller!). When I’m eating dinner, she very gently “paws” my leg, so I know to give her some of what I’m having. She also drools like crazy! And, looks up at me with those sad eyes, so she gets whatever she wants.

Favorite Activity: Gracie loves being with people – especially my son. She is a cuddler, and loves being right next to you at all times. She also loves playing with her dog best friends. I always say she has a lot of boyfriends and girlfriends. She loves playing with Lula, her great dane best friend, and Hunter, her boxer boyfriend. She and Hunter play for hours, then lie on the bed and kiss. She also comes with me to volunteer at the Boxer Rescue where her job is to be a “test” dog (so we can see how dogs react to other dogs).

Loves: Her family! She loves anyone and everyone who walks in the door. I say that she’s the epitome of that phrase, “A stranger is just a friend I haven’t met yet!”. When anyone walks in the door, she must check them out, kiss them, sniff them, and love on them. She loves being a part of everything. She kisses you as much as you’ll allow. She also loves being lazy, cuddling, and being petted.

Fun fact: I think she would probably love a cat – she loves sitting by the cat play area at her vet’s office

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