Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

11. Xanthos - Fetching Category

Name: Xanthos
Category: Fetching
Adopted from: Belgian Tervuren Rescue

About Xanthos: Xanthos is named after the immortal horse of Achilles. He is very athletic and gentle, he loves play frisbee, hike, and do agility. Xanthos also likes to fetch keys, balls, and just about anything! Although he needed some TLC upon rescuing, the rescue group could tell he possessed a fantastic temperament. When Gretchen and her husband met him, they knew he was the dog for them! Gretchen says that Xanthos “is the most wonderful and loyal friend."

Favorite Toy: His big yellow fuzzy squeaky toy. He loves to chase it, then bring it to his mat to lie down with it, chew on it, and make it squeak.

Favorite Treat: He loves all treats, but his favorite is probably mozzarella string cheese. He gobbles it down quickly. He does a cute “sit pretty” to get them.

Favorite Activity: Playing frisbee. When I pull out the frisbee, he starts jumping up with excitement. He loves to chase it and grab it out of the air.

Loves: Going to dog training classes with me. When I start getting ready, he insists on getting into his crate in the car so that he is not left behind. He loves the whole idea of getting treats for doing things.

Fun fact: He can weave backwards through my legs.

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