Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

10. Sammy - Fetching Category

Name: Sammy
Category: Fetching
Adopted from: Helen Woodward Animal Center

About Sammy: Sammy loves stuffed squeaky toys, but above all, he loves his ball. He loves to fetch, fetch, fetch! Sammy has overcome many fears with the use of his ball – he was once afraid of the water, but now will swim all day as long as there is a fetching opportunity. He is a great swimmer and has webbed toes. His full name is Samwise after the character in the movie "Lord of the Rings." Sammy lives happily with five humans, one guinea pig, and a snake.

Favorite Toy: Sammy loves stuffed squeaky toys, but above all, he loves his ball. He will fetch as long as I will throw it with the chucker. He was afraid to go on the boat with the family, until we brought the ball and he realized he would have a turn to swim off the boat for the ball.

Favorite Treat: Sam likes all treats, but family trips to fro-yo are the best. We always get a small sample for Sam, which he licks down to the paper sample cup.

Favorite Activity: If Sam could fetch the ball all day, he would. Fetching at the beach is the best place since the sand and water are best for his feet. He can cool off in the water of the Pacific.

Loves: Belly rubs! If Sam isn’t fetching the ball, neighborhood walks are the next best thing, especially with the family. Smelling his way around the block, meeting doggie friends and visiting neighbors are the bests part of his day (if we’re not playing fetch).

Fun fact: Sam’s original name was “Pop”, since his litter was named after snack foods, including “Pretzel” and “Peanut.”

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