Sunday Feb 17 &
Monday Feb 18 8pm/7c

Meet the Dogs - 2018 American Rescue Dog Show

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1. Allister - Couch Potato Category

Name: Allister
Category: Couch Potato

About Allister: Allister enjoys massages and finding the perfect spot that makes his leg twitch. He loves the couch, sometimes even napping on the top of it! Rescued by Daniel, his snuggling skills are truly of Olympic quality. Allister is trained and is a therapy dog with ADA credentials. His name is Allister because it means “protector of mankind.”

Favorite Toy: KONG bone and tire toy! Allister loves chasing the rolling tire and making the bone squeak! He can be entertained for hours with these toys. Only things that stops him is a nap or treat!

Favorite Treat: Blue Dog Bakery Doggie paw treats. This is where Allister really shines. He’ll do tricks for treats, and once you give one to him he runs over to his bed and proudly eats his new prize. He’ll dance and jump for a treat! Once you say “sit,” he’ll sit for as long as a excited pup can.

Favorite Activity: Allister loves going on long runs. He just glides along the sidewalk. He always is an avid bush hunter. He’ll sniff out little furry friends in bushes and even bunny hop in the bushes to meet them! He loves meeting new dogs and socializing with new people.

Loves: Allister loves climbing things! He’ll walk on the back of the couch and just perch there.

Fun fact: Daniel may have saved Allister, but Daniel says, “Every single day Allister returns the favor as a friend with a loving soul, and those brown eyes that know more than I’ll never know.”

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Meet the Dogs