Sunday Feb 17 &
Monday Feb 18 8pm/7c

Meet the Dogs - 2019 American Rescue Dog Show

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1. Banshee - Belly Rubs Category

Name: Banshee
Category: Belly Rubs
Adopted from: Hollywood Huskies

About Banshee: Banshee is a Husky/Malamute Mix who was rescued in Ridgecrest, CA during a rainstorm. She was adopted by Jen and her boyfriend Steve who were looking for a dog to get along with their two other rescues. She is friendly and welcoming to animals and humans alike and never turns down a belly rub.

Favorite Toy: Plush Squeaky Duck. She just recently started to play with toys on her own and loves to take the plush duck and swing it around.
Favorite Treat: Cooked Chicken Breast.
Favorite Activity: She is happiest with her brother Yoda and her sister Mimi, she loves playing and running around at her doggy day care.
Loves: Banshee loves when Jen and Steve sit with her so she can give them lots of kisses.
Fun fact: Banshee’s nickname is Supermodel because she is truly stunning.

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