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With All My Heart

On a brisk Hope Valley morning, Rosemary storms up to Jack, waving two 5-dollar bills. She explains that a man passed the notes in the Saloon and, as luck would have it, he is waiting for the next coach. Jack approaches the man asking where he got the bills. The man, Dirk, says he cashed a check at the bank and, when Jack asks if he has any more, moves to grab money from his pocket. But instead of removing money the man pulls his fist and punches Jack in the jaw. The two men tussle and a shot is fired. A gun flies across the ground and Jack wrestles the man into submission.

Meanwhile, in the café, Pastor Hogan is struggling with his breakfast. His eggs are crunchier than usual due to a few errant shells. When told about it, Abigail apologizes and explains that she’s been distracted. Since refusing to sell, Gowen’s hit Abigail’s with a notice of required repairs. Not only are the repairs extensive, but without them Gowen can force Abigail to close. Noticing her predicament, Pastor Hogan offers to pitch in to make sure that Abigail meets her deadline.

And at Mountie Headquarters in Hamilton, Bill Avery is engaged in a tense conversation with his superintendent. After Jack’s daring arrest, the Mounties feel confident that the counterfeiting case is solved. Bill is not convinced and demands to at least interrogate the suspect. His request is denied and instead the superintendent would like to know about two missing printing plates that had been recovered from the criminals. Bill says he knows nothing about the plates and brushes off the superintendent’s suspicions.

Back in Hope Valley, Elizabeth heads to the jail to talk with Jack. Their time in Hamilton showed how different their lives are and has driven them apart. Before returning to Hope Valley Jack refused to ride in Elizabeth’s first class cabin, saying he needed to think about some things. Now back in town, Elizabeth takes her chance to ask what he had to think about. The experience with Elizabeth’s family has convinced Jack that he can’t ever fit into her upper class world. Chafed by the accusation, Elizabeth insists that her world is in Hope Valley, with her students and Jack. Jack responds saying Elizabeth isn’t being honest with herself. His accusation incenses Elizabeth, but before the argument escalates, Molly Sullivan approaches, welcoming them back to town and asking about their plans for an upcoming dance. Molly’s intrusion provides the perfect cover for Jack and Elizabeth to part ways and end their fight.

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