When Calls the Heart - The Queen of Hearts

Abigail encourages Bill to give Lucas a chance, but Bill isn’t so sure about trusting this new stranger. Elizabeth meets Lucas and he offers her a job at the saloon as a waitress. She politely declines and introduces herself to Lucas as Mrs. Thornton.

Abigail is surprised to find Henry in the café, eating his breakfast and reading the stock market report. Henry says he likes to keep busy and is always looking for opportunities to invest. Clara and Jesse see the help wanted sign in the saloon window and Clara decides to apply for the waitress job. Clara is delighted when she is hired, but Jesse doesn’t think she should take the job. Clara tells him that they could use the extra money to start saving for their future. Meanwhile, Bill pays a visit to Lucas to see if he can help with the grand opening. Lucas thanks him and says everything is under control. Bill tries to learn more about Lucas but is unsuccessful.

Lee opens up to Abigail, Rosemary and Elizabeth about how great Henry is with investing. Hearing this, Abigail’s interest is peaked and she decides to give five dollars to Henry to invest. Rosemary stops by the saloon to meet Lucas and to offer her services as a headline entertainer. She is surprised to learn that Lucas has already booked the entertainment and it won’t be her.

Bill gets a call at the office from the New Orleans police department to discuss Lucas, who mentioned he spent some time there. Unfortunately, they tell him they don’t have any information they can share. Later on, Fiona overhears Lucas on the phone speaking in French to a mysterious female caller. She alerts Bill to what she heard and shares the phone number he used for the call. When Bill calls the number, the woman immediately hangs up when Bill mentions Lucas’ name.