Recap: The Queen of Hearts - Season 6 - Episode 2

After a foolish comment, Carson must admit that he cares more about Faith. The charming new saloon owner, Lucas Bouchard, causes a stir. Elizabeth teaches self-confidence, and Abigail takes a risk on the stock market with Gowen.

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Highlights - Someone Special - When Calls The Heart

It’s been a year since the passing of Jack. Elizabeth is amazed at how much love she has for her son. Over at Abigail’s Cafe, Bill is curious to find out who bought the saloon. A mysterious customer chimes in that they should “tar and feather him,” and we meet Lucas, the new owner. Bill and Abigail ask Lucas about himself and he dodges their personal questions but invites them and the whole town to the grand re-opening Friday night.

Cody offers to let Tim ride his bike. Tim shares with Elizabeth that he doesn’t know how to ride a bike. She offers to teach him at recess. Rosemary checks in with Fiona to see how she is liking Hope Valley. Fiona shares that the small town hasn’t really welcomed her in yet. Rosemary then runs into Faith and inquires about her budding relationship with Carson. Faith reveals that Carson told her point blank that a relationship between them won’t happen. Rosemary says “never say never” but Faith tells her to not get involved.

Elizabeth helps Tim with the bike at recess but he is discouraged and nervous that he will fall. Carson confides to Lee that he may have said the wrong thing to Faith when they discussed being in a relationship. Lee tells Carson to not think too hard but instead, to consider how he feels in his heart. Lee also tells him that Faith is a catch and won’t be single for long.

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Highlights - Enter Lucas Bouchard - When Calls the Heart

Abigail encourages Bill to give Lucas a chance, but Bill isn’t so sure about trusting this new stranger. Elizabeth meets Lucas and he offers her a job at the saloon as a waitress. She politely declines and introduces herself to Lucas as Mrs. Thornton.

Abigail is surprised to find Henry in the café, eating his breakfast and reading the stock market report. Henry says he likes to keep busy and is always looking for opportunities to invest. Clara and Jesse see the help wanted sign in the saloon window and Clara decides to apply for the waitress job. Clara is delighted when she is hired, but Jesse doesn’t think she should take the job. Clara tells him that they could use the extra money to start saving for their future. Meanwhile, Bill pays a visit to Lucas to see if he can help with the grand opening. Lucas thanks him and says everything is under control. Bill tries to learn more about Lucas but is unsuccessful.

Highlights - A Little Bird Told Me - When Calls the Heart

Lee opens up to Abigail, Rosemary and Elizabeth about how great Henry is with investing. Hearing this, Abigail’s interest is peaked and she decides to give five dollars to Henry to invest. Rosemary stops by the saloon to meet Lucas and to offer her services as a headline entertainer. She is surprised to learn that Lucas has already booked the entertainment and it won’t be her.

Bill gets a call at the office from the New Orleans police department to discuss Lucas, who mentioned he spent some time there. Unfortunately, they tell him they don’t have any information they can share. Later on, Fiona overhears Lucas on the phone speaking in French to a mysterious female caller. She alerts Bill to what she heard and shares the phone number he used for the call. When Bill calls the number, the woman immediately hangs up when Bill mentions Lucas’ name.

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Lucas shows a magic trick to Cody who is entertained, as is Faith, who is eating at the cafe as well. Carson walks in to see Faith and Lucas talking and laughing. Clara talks with Abigail about working at the saloon at night to make extra money. Jesse tells Clara again that he doesn’t want her working at the saloon, but she quickly tells him that it’s not his decision to make.

Lucas asks Ned if he can borrow a wagon to pick up a delivery. Fiona overhears and alerts Bill. Henry visits Abigail and shares the great news that she has doubled her money from the investment. Abigail is thrilled. When Abigail shares her news with Lee, he is surprised, as the stock market went down and they lost money. Abigail questions why Henry lied and Lee encourages her to ask him directly.

Bill confronts Lucas and asks to see the contents of the delivery. He insists it’s a surprise for the opening and when pressed more, Lucas opens it to reveal fresh salmon, the special of the night. Lucas tells Bill his intentions are only good and asks that Bill give him a chance.

Highlights - Saying All The Wrong Things - When Calls the Heart

The town gathers for the grand opening of the saloon. Rosemary is doubtful that the entertainer hired is better than she would have been. Fiona apologizes to Lucas for sharing information on his private phone call. Carson compliments Faith in an effort to make good on his previous comments. The two decide to dance to the delight of Rosemary watching from the side. Lucas tries to smooth things over with Bill but, Bill implies that actions speak louder than words. Abigail returns the money to Henry. She explains she knew the risks and understands that nobody is perfect. At the end of the night, Lucas goes back to the crate where the fish were and removes a hidden tin from the bottom. He opens the tin to reveal it’s full of money and puts it in his safe.