Season Premiere Sunday February 23 8pm/7c

When Calls the Heart - Surprise

Elizabeth is playing hide and seek with Jack when Rosemary pops over excited for their girls night later on. Elizabeth breaks the news that Laura can’t babysit and they will need to postpone, again. Lee returns home to find Rosemary sad at home because Elizabeth canceled their plans. Lee asks if he can help and Rosemary gets him to babysit Jack so Rosemary and Elizabeth can spend time together. Bill swings by to help Lee with Jack. Elizabeth and Rosemary - catch up and have a blast playing cards. Meanwhile, Carson and Faith back in town are overcome with emotions and share a passionate kiss with the entire town looking on. The secret is officially out.

Nathan confronts Lucas about teaching Allie the magic trick. Lucas apologizes. Nathan pushes for more information about Lucas’ history and says he doesn’t see Lucas fitting in here, Lucas shares that he is not going anywhere. Henry signs papers to start drilling on his new property in the saloon and we learn, Lucas is Henry’s silent partner.

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