Sunday March 1 11:00 AM / 10:00c

When Calls the Heart - Surprise

Elizabeth cancels on Rosemary for dinner and the two plan to get together the next night. Bill pays a visit to Lee and shares the news that he's been offered a judgeship. He’s unsure if it is the right job for him. Faith and Carson stumble upon a fallen tree blocking the road and realize they will have to camp out for the night until it is cleared up.

The geologist visits with Jesse and shares that there might be a small oil reserve but they won’t know until he digs further down. But, to dig that deep could cost a few thousand dollars. Faith and Carson bond by the campfire and learn a bit more about one another. Faith opens up about her rocky relationship with her father, who she hasn’t spoken in years. Faith shares that her mom, who was also a nurse, died following helping a patient. When her father found out she wanted to be a nurse, things got heated and he said some words to her that struck to close to home.

Elizabeth introduces Allie to the class the next day. All the students welcome her, though Allie remains shy. She sits down and starts to show a trick to fit in with the students. At recess, Elizabeth catches Allie doing magic tricks for money from the kids. Elizabeth confronts Allie and demands to know who taught her those tricks. Allie doesn’t tattle but Elizabeth figures out it's Lucas and goes to confront him. Lucas explains his reasoning for teaching her the card trick which makes Elizabeth understand the situation a bit more, but, she encourages if there is a next time to just send Allie back to school. Elizabeth speaks to Nathan about Allie. She suggests that she isn’t making an effort because she doesn’t think she will be around for a while. Elizabeth encourages Nathan to provide her stability. Both Elizabeth and Nathan speak to Allie together. Nathan tells Allie she will return all the money and the food to the students tomorrow. Elizabeth passes along a book to her to help her make new friends and encourages her to be herself.

Henry offers to buy Jesse’s land saying that he wants to spend the money to drill and look for the oil. He offers to pay double the asking price. Jesse says he will consider the offer but will need to talk it over with Clara. The two discuss and they decide to take his generous offer.