When Calls the Heart - Surprise

Jesse works on his plot of land. As he is digging, he hits oil and rejoices -- he and Clara are going to be rich! Henry and Lee visit Jesse to see his discovery. They advise him to speak to a geologist to find out if he’s really struck gold with the oil. Rosemary seeks out Elizabeth to talk about their “dying” friendship. Rosemary insists Elizabeth join her and Lee for dinner since she misses spending time with her. Nathan’s niece Allie arrives in town. He takes her to school but she insists on walking in by herself. When Nathan turns away, she runs past the school opting to skip instead.

Carson heads to Benson Hill to get a new piece of equipment. A few of the town residents are surprised to see Faith joining him. This only adds more fuel to the rumors going around town about the two of them. Allie roams into town and hides out in the saloon to avoid running into her Uncle. Lucas finds her and asks why she is skipping school. She tells him that she has trouble making friends so, he gives her some advice and shows her a card trick to help break the ice.

Ronald Peterman, the Governor's Chief of Staff, visits Bill to offer him a position as a Judge. Nathan visits Elizabeth at school to see how Allie made out on her first day. Elizabeth, confused, breaks the news that she never showed up and offers to help find Allie. The two look around town and discover Allie coming home with newly caught fish. He questions Allie about school and she lies until Elizabeth introduces herself, busting Allie. Nathan reprimands Allie.

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