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Recap: Phone Rings and Heart Strings - Season 6 - Episode 1

Four months have passed since the birth of baby Jack Thornton. Motherhood is a lot of work for Elizabeth, but it is also filled with so much joy. Like his father, Jack is loved by all the ladies and all the men enjoy being his friend.

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Four months have passed since the birth of baby Jack Thornton. Motherhood is a lot of work for Elizabeth, but it is also filled with so much joy. Like his father, Jack is loved by all the ladies and all the men enjoy being his friend. Elizabeth is now faced with returning to work and secures the help of her friends to assist her in taking care of baby Jack as he isn’t the only child that depends on her.

Abigail shares with Elizabeth that the first telephone will be installed in Hope Valley. Rosemary plans to have the town band on hand to celebrate the first call made. Ned works to connect the telephone switchboard in time for the call.

Leland runs into Tom, the owner of the town’s saloon. He’s been out of town for a while because of family issues. Lee shares that the happiest people are those who put family first and Tom is touched by his words. Over at the school, Elizabeth is having the students create their own telephone by using a tin can and fishing line. Abigail and Bill talk about the telephone coming to town and Bill is hesitant for this change. Meanwhile, Ned bumps his head while trying to connect the switchboard wires and Carson and Faith help him with a bandage.

The town gathers and the band plays as they wait for the first ring of the telephone. Unfortunately, it never happens. Abigail sends word that they will need to get a telephone representative to come to town to help set it up, and the first call is now delayed. Jesse shares with Clara that he bought a parcel of land and he hopes to build a home for them in the future on it.

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Laura swings by to get a book from Elizabeth. Elizabeth gives her “Pride and Prejudice,” and encourages Laura to look into attending college. Laura says someday she may, but she is needed at home to help her family. Over at the saloon, Tom is putting a “For Sale” sign and tells Abigail, Bill & Henry that his family must come first, so he is selling the saloon and moving out of town. Both Henry and Bill seem interested in buying the saloon.

Rosemary, up to no good, invites Carson to a dinner party at the house. Meanwhile, Henry goes to Lee to thank him for all of his kindness through the years. He says he would like to buy the saloon from Tom, but would need a partner, and is is hoping Lee would be interested in doing that with him. Lee is hesitant but says he will talk to Rosemary before committing to anything. Around the same time, Bill visits with Abigail and asks to be bought out of the cafe, as he would like to purchase the saloon. Abigail says if she had the money to buy him out she would, but she can’t afford it at this time. Later on, Bill visits Lee to see if he’d like to buy the saloon with him. Lee says he will talk to Rosemary and that Henry has also approached him.

Bill tracks down Rosemary who is going over potential plans with Henry for the saloon. The two men bicker and Rosemary says she will listen to both of their proposals. Elizabeth overhears Laura at the store saying she has no future plans and her heart breaks knowing how much potential she has.

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Rosemary, at home, shares her excitement for the saloon with Lee, but the two differ on who they think would be good to go into business with. Carson shows up for dinner and is surprised when Faith also shows up realizing the two have been set up by Rosemary. Bill visits Tom and says he hopes to have an offer to buy the saloon soon. Tom says there is another potential offer, so he has until tomorrow to make a play for the saloon.

Highlights - Scandalous - When Calls the Heart

Abigail waits for the telephone representative to come to Hope Valley and is surprised when Fiona, a woman, arrives to help Ned fix the switchboard. Since Rosemary and Lee can’t agree on who to go into business with, instead, encourage Bill and Henry to go into business together. The two are a bit weary but after a little encouragement decide to give it a try. They go to tell Tom they will purchase the saloon, only to learn that an out of town buyer purchased it an hour earlier.

Highlights - A New Ring - When Calls The Heart

Jesse catches up with Clara and shares when he was younger he was caught robbing a general store and for the past couple years has been sending money to the store owner to pay off his debt. He wants a future with Clara, but would like to pay his debts off first before moving forward with a fresh start.

Elizabeth receives a telegram and tells Laura that she was accepted to correspondence school. Laura is hesitant until Elizabeth suggests she become her full time nanny, so she can still help out her family with extra money and go to school. Laura says yes to both. As Rosemary and Abigail walk along the street they hear ringing look at one another and go running. The telephone is working and the first call is received. The town rejoices.