When Calls the Heart: Home is Where the Heart Is

Elizabeth returns to the school, where she hands out the results of the students' grammar quizzes. Harper is dismayed that he got a "D" and Elizabeth agrees to meet with him after class to make sure he gets a better grasp on the next quiz. Jack surprises the students, where he announces that his deployment is done. The kids erupt in a cheer. Then he presents a surprise: a mimeograph machine! Jack explains that this machine is used to print newspapers, and with the local paper getting a new one, they donated their old one to the school. Elizabeth tells the class that they will use the mimeograph to make their own school newsletter.

Rosemary catches up with Sophia over tea. Rosemary describes her friend as a trailblazer for being a female architect in New York City, but Sophia comes clean. She reveals that out of nine proposals she made, she has gotten zero work. Rosemary advises her friend to be patient, but in the meantime, she will make sure Sophia will have a fabulous time in Hope Valley.

Jack pays Bill a visit at the jailhouse. Bill tries to get Jack to open up about his time in battle, but Jack refuses, citing that it's is all behind him now. Bill says that when Jack is ready to talk, he will listen.